Saturday, February 25, 2012


Each month we hand AT&T aprox $400.  That's right - $400.  Our TV/Internet runs about $200 a month.  This includes U-Verse and internet that is slow.  We've had our modem replaced, but we still have to reboot it a couple times a week.  Our wifi sucks.  There are times I need to switch my phone to 3g in my house because the wifi is so bad.  The TV is OK but not great.  We've had our recordings disappear a few times and we don't get the Padres, but it's easier to stay with them then change.

For our phone we have 4 lines on their family plan.  The lowest family plan has 700 minutes per month and rollover.  We use about 200 minutes between the 4 of us.  We have the family texting plan.  And 2 iPhones with unlimited data.

Each month my husband uses about 150,000 kb of data.  He could switch to the $15 plan but he never knows if the navy will send him somewhere where he will need to have unlimited data.  I made the stupid decision to put my music in the cloud with music match.  I suspect a lot of the backups they are doing are sucking bandwidth too

Well now I need to worry about being throttled.  I use over 3gb of data a month, which could put me in the top 5%.  I'm not happy about this - I have a deep committed love affair with my iPhone and I don't know if I can handle being throttled.

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