Sunday, August 31, 2014

Not autism but what?

Update on Mikeys trip to the Autism Discovery Institute. They say Mikey has adhd (duh) and is moderately depressed (normal for a 7 year old right?) and while things like his rigidity and argumentative nature is an asd trait, they don't feel that he has asd. They are supposed to talk to his teacher from last year to see if they can get more insight and then I will go back to get the final report but they didn't give me any more to work on than what I already knew. Oh and they said Mikey won't even try to do something that he thinks may be hard. I've heard that about Dani since she was 4. So I've used up close to 12 hours of pto between the three appointments and I still have no answer. And that's the update.

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