Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Making things work for the kids

I used to love my minivan. I'm not sure what happened but I feel like we have drifted apart. My uterus on wheels - it kept my kids safe and secure where ever we would go.

Poor Betsy is getting older. I have to say I haven't felt the love since her transmission went. Honda replaced it and she is supposedly as good as new but it's not the same.

I hate taking her in for service. She has 115,000 miles and they are always trying to sell me stuff. The last big visit ran over $1200. So I avoid taking her in because I am scared it will cost money which probably leads to little issues becoming bigger.

This is changing. I am going to be a good car owner. She will get regular maintenance. I will check the tire pressure (I hate hate hate hate hate doing that). She will be washed and vacuumed regularly. As in a couple times a month not a couple times a year. And she will get a full interior detail as soon as I find a good enough deal :)

She is getting her oil changed right now at a place across the street from my work. I'm hoping this is what it takes to save my relationship. We gotta do it for the sake of the kids...

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