Sunday, January 2, 2011

Resolutions - Continued

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Moving on.

Family - I will spend more time enjoying my family even especially the ones who drive me nuts.  I will take more time to appreciate all of the things my husband does for us and I will play dolls with the princess and cars with the toddler from hell.  I will spend more time chasing down Thing 2s grades and will attempt to bond with Thing 1 when he sees fit to grace the family with his presence.  And I will not let my mom drive me nuts.  Yeah right.

Friends - I am truly blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life.  It's always been hard for me to make friends and just talk/relate to people in general.  I need to do a better job of staying in sync with my friends from my past.

Fitness - This one is a hard one for me.  I'm torn between not wanting to focus on numbers and wanting to be the same size I was in high school by the reunion.  And by size I mean the same measurements not the same dress size because thanks to vanity sizing I am technically a size smaller than I was back then and believe me my ass is WAY bigger than it was when I was 17.  I always feel like I am walking a fine line between being fitness conscious and obsessed and I don't know what the best solution is.

Food - My food goal is to learn how to cook one of Nana's famous meals each month.  I'm not sure if this is possible - see note above re: Family.  I will also use the amazing opportunity that was handed to me on "Constipation Christmas" to get as many new foods into my ultra picky 6 year old while she is willing to eat anything that has fiber in it.   Seriously - she's eaten zucchini and Brussels sprouts and broccoli this week - and this is the child who used to freak out at any kind of green food.  Girlfriend is still hurting and I swear she'd eat a twig if I told her it would help her poop.

Still to be continued....

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