Tuesday, February 1, 2011


We eat dinner at my parents house 5x a week. My mom Is great cook, enjoys cooking and is retired so it makes sense. plus she lives 1/2 mile away. This weekend I hit my panic mode when I realized she was going back to Thailand to visit family and I was going to have to feed the tribe on my own. I made my husband sit down and brainstorm meal ideas and we spent the weekend cooking and freezing.

Onions and garlic and peppers oh my! This was the start of the spaghetti sauce and jambalaya.


This is where the jambalaya base and spaghetti sauce diverged.

And this is about 10 gallons of spaghetti sauce.

Three Costco rotisserie chickens.

Final tally - two meals of jambalaya. 6 meals of spaghetti sauce. 1 chicken casserole. 3 bags of deboned chicken for tacos or whatever in the freezer.

I will be looking for good freezer cooking ideas in the near future because spaghetti will get old fast :)

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