Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Menace to the boardwalk

So Mikey is the a-hole kid on a bike at the beach. We were cruising down the boardwalk and it gets really narrow at a certain point. I asked Mikey if he was OK because it gets really crowded for a block. He said "I'm fine mom" and then takes off - full speed - little kid on a 16" bike with training wheels - complete with his nutcase helmet with flames on it - right into the crowd of beach goers.... People are diving to get out of his way - well maybe jumping in either direction - and as he makes it past the first few shops he screams out "LEVEL ONE COMPLETE". Another couple shops and he screams "LEVEL TWO COMPLETE". All the way to the end of the narrow block where he yells out "MOM I COMPLETED TEN LEVELS!". Meanwhile I'm riding behind him apologizing left and right to all of the innocent (well not totally innocent since they were loitering and blocking the boardwalk) people left in his wake.... Just another day in paradise.

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