Friday, May 23, 2014

Meanest mom ever

Dani has informed me that I'm the worst mom ever and I want her to fail. Why? Because she was supposed to pick up her floor before dance class and instead she was lying in bed playing on her ipad. This is the third time she's refused to do it. So I'm not taking her to dance class (sorry Rori!) and she's hysterical. She says she can't be a minute late. Wish she cared about getting to sc...hool on time like this. She says we all want her to die and no one cares about her. 30 minutes of hysterics so far. She could have had it cleaned 15 minutes ago if she wasn't pitching a fit. Mikey is just as miserable. He's screaming that I hate kids. Why? Because his floor is covered in junk that he refuses to clean. And to think, I was excited to come home from work early.

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