Monday, December 26, 2011

Day three on Focalin - storm clouds...

Here we are on Day Three. My observations are as follows
1. First couple hours are great - Ms. Dani is focused and sparkly.
2. A couple hours in, the storm clouds settle behind her eyes and she looses her sparkle.
3. She complains of her stomach hurting and looks unhappy
4. Second dose - repeat of pattern.

I'm not sure this is the right medication for her. The outbursts are shorter, but more intense. They are also more frequent.

I have put my faith in modern medicine - I know there has to be something out there that will work for her - that will help her get through the ADHD but not set the Aspergers on fire.

I hate the child psychiatrist we went to see. He has no bedside manner and is very clinical. Why specialize in children if you have all of the tenderness of a seasick crocodile?

I'm going to tough it out a little longer and see but I'm not thinking this is the one for us.

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