Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I want to ride my bicycle Part 1

I went 25 years without riding a bike.   Could have gone 25 more if it hadn't been for Lori and her infernal plan to force us all down to the beach this summer to party.   I'm sure she had other intentions when she rented the beach house on the board walk but let's face it,  we partied hard.  As hard as a bunch of middle old ladies could party.  

Part of the plan involved bicycles to ride to bars up and down the boardwalk.  Lori borrowed a couple from her brother's girls.  I was skeptitcal at first but as I started flying down the street on 12 year old Baby Tiffany's bike - following Lori on 14 year old Baby Melissa's bike - I knew I had found heaven.  In my mind I was flying down the boardwalk with my skirt swishing saucily behind me, my hair whipping in the breeze.  My theme song is Bicycle Race by Queen and I know I look cool. 

Now I know the reality and my fantasy are no where near in practice but let me have my fantasy damnit.   Because in my reality my fat ass could barely stay balanced on a kids bike and I'm sure I'm waving all over the boardwalk.  Because reality can't be nearly as awesome as fantasy and all that.  So the realty - as defined by Queen - is actually the video below....

Yeah I own it. I'm sure I let it all hang out. And I'm not sure I made the rocking world go round :)

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