Monday, September 16, 2013

I want to ride my bicycle part 2

Suddenly I found myself in need of a bicycle.   I rushed to Craigslist and found Minty,  a beautiful mint green beach cruiser.  I rushed out to buy her after work one day and accessorized her to make her mine.   She's a really pretty girl isn't she? 

Here's where the story goes a bit off course.   I had been told that I would need a bike with gears.   Pshaw I said,  I will only ride at the beach.   No hills for me.   WRONG!  I found myself wanting to go to the park with the kids. And that required riding up a hill. 

The first time I tried riding up a hill,  I thought I was going to die.   Of course I blamed Minty and not my lack of physical fitness.  I want to ride up hills!   So now, what to do? 

To be continued.... 

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