Saturday, January 7, 2012

Santa part two

Christmas morning Mikey goes running downstairs.  He sees his War Machine action figure.  He sees his Mighty Beanz.  He is so happy Santa brought him everything he asked for.  He starts to tear into everything.

"But wait" mom says.  "Here's a note from Santa".

The note reads
"Dear Michael,
I brought you the toys you asked for this year, but I heard you were very naughty at school.  You can't open the toys unless you are good at school.  Please try to listen better next year"

His face fell as the realization sank in.  Santa knew he had been naughty.  Just like the song says.

Mikey has been an angel at school since he went back.  His teachers have thanked us over and over.  The other kids who got their presents went back to being little monsters.  I know I'm not in line for mother of the year any time soon, but I'm OK with that.  I figured out how to keep the big man working for me all year long. 

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