Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas hits and misses

This year we went to see the big man at the start of December.  Princess was having a hard day, her boots were too hot and her dress was too scratchy but she sucked it up.  We took turns distracting the kids and waiting in line for an hour and when we reached the front, Mikey went running up to Santa in typical Mikey fashion

"Santa Santa - I want a war machine for Christmas this year." 

Now Santa has been doing this for a long time and there is a method to the madness.  Step one is you take the picture with the kids, step two you chat them up while the sales people sell portrait packages.  So Santa tries to corral the kids for the picture. 

Mikey continues on

"Santa I've been good.  Can I get Mighty Beanz too???"

Santa gets the finiky princess into place

"Santa - my sister wants her two front teeth!"

We get them in for the picture.  Santa hands them candy canes and asks Dani what she wants.  She whispers to Santa
"A cat"
and then we are outta there. be continued

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